Webhost.sh provides secure and affordable server hosting, our services are directed towards small businesses and startups.
Our services are set up in a way that our clients have access to quick and easy support, with security being one of our top priorities our clients are able to spend more time on their business and less time worrying about the technicalities of running a server or website.
Our staff is experienced with Website Design, Server Management, Security, & SEO Optimization.
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Website Hosting

At Webhost.sh we offer quality affordable hosting plans for websites, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, storage servers & more. 

One thing that makes our products unique is access to quality support, our support team is able to go beyond our own products to help you with web development issues, SSL, and website security.

Webhost.sh LLC is also dedicated to the privacy and security of its users, all user information is secured with SHA-512 & AES-256 encryption methods, Webhost.sh LLC backend servers are also highly secured with a strict firewall that only allows access from the head administrators.

Website Development

Website Development & SEO Services

Our Developments.


Mas Verde is a fusion of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Psych. Starting out of Milwaukee, WI, Mas Verde is a music collective formed around the songs written by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Zach Spiegler.


Mile Hi Rafting offers fun professionally guided whitewater rafting trips on the exciting Clear Creek and the famous Arkansas rivers.


High Quality Drone Photography & Videography


Webhost.sh provides easy and free hosting services for Minecraft, Discord bots , Database/Storage, and more with 24/7 customer support.


Website Development, SEO, Security Optimization, Computer Diagnostics, Server Management, Shell Scripting, General IT Services.


Web-Development, SEO, Security Consulting, Server Managment & More.