Root Servicing.

RootServicing offers Repair, Upgrades & Diagnostics.

Covering Laptops, Mobile Devices, Tablets, Windows, Linux & Macintosh Systems.

With years of troubleshooting experience and study, we are confident that we can find and solve any issue your device may have.


We offer affordable Computer Repair, if your device is running slower than usual, or if it has stopped working entirely, a likely cause is a part failure, in any case, we will find the issue and fix it.

We will diagnose the problem for free, once we find it we will tell you what parts we will need to fix it and how much the project as a whole will cost, at this point you can decide to have us do it for you, or you can buy the parts and attempt to do it yourself.


A key to maintaining your devices is cleaning.

To stop parts from failing, the best thing to do is to maintain them, it is advised to clean your computer 1-2 times per year. 

Stopping dust build-up & applying thermal compound to heatsinks is essential to keeping your device in good condition and from overheating.

We currently offer cleanings as a free service and perform them on all devices that are brought in.

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If your device runs slow or isn’t able to perform certain tasks or software, upgrading parts inside your computer can often solve the issue and is cheaper than buying a new system.

With older computers, parts will begin to fail and need to be replaced, the most common part to fail is the hard drive, this can cause slower startup, slower downloads, and general performance issues.

We can evaluate your device and diagnose failing parts and parts that could be upgraded to increase performance.

We provide you with a list of the parts, and where to buy them for the best price.
You have the freedom to choose whether to purchase and install parts yourself or to have us do it for you.



In some cases, the best thing to do is just get a new system, but what type of system should you get?

For Desktops, We recommend creating custom builds, this allows you to make sure that the parts you buy will be able to perform the tasks that you need and in most cases is cheaper than buying a pre-built computer.

We evaluate the best parts at the best prices to fit your budget and needs.

We offer build recommendation as a free service, as well as offer to build the computer for a small fee.