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Computer Technician, Website Developer, SEO Specialist, Security Consultant, Drone Pilot


Full Stack Experienced

Self taught with years of experience working towards small projects, I have learned website development, SEO optimization, security protocols, server management & shell scripting.

Front End


Back End

Shell Scripting
SEO Optimization
Security Implementation
Server Management

Through LLC we provide all types of Server Hosting, Website Design & SEO Optimization.

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High Quality 4k Drone Footage & Video Editing

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Root Servicing

Computer Repair, Building, Upgrading & Diagnostics

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07/2021 - Present
IT Technician
04/2021 - Present
Assistant Manager
12/2019 - Present
Chief Technology Officer

Search Engine Specialist, Cyber Security Consultant, Server Manager, Website Developer

10/2019 - Present
Drone Pilot

Business Manager, Video Editor

12/2019 - Present
Computer Technician

Business Manager, Head Technician

06/2020 - 04/2021
Shift Supervisor
10/2018 - 06/2020
Associate Trainer
05/2018 - 10/2018

Github Projects.

A collection of my GitHub repositories. My GitHub is a collection of Windows & Linux scripts that I made for automation and security.

Release 05/18/2021

Updated version of my previous ‘Simple SSH’ script, this script was made with better functionality & security protocols. SSH Server Management Made Easy.


GitHub Page:

Released 10/28/2018

This simple script checks for changes in your IP Address and uses this information to discover if connection to the VPN has been lost. The Windows version is slightly different from the Linux version, however they basically do the same thing. There are also functions built in that  act as a killswitch when the VPN is disconnected.




Released 8/9/2020

This management script is created specifically for users and is built  specifically to only work with our servers. 

This script was encrypted using our “Simple Shell Encryption” script. 

You can see a video on exactly how this script works here:

GitHub Page:

Release 9/6/2019

This script allows you to add an auto-update function into your windows bash script or linux shell script without forcing users to manually update.

GitHub Page:

Linux Verison:

Windows Version:

Released 8/10/2020

This script was built in collaboration with

This is a simple script that allows you to encrypt and obfuscate shell scripts. This allows you to hide source code and prevent people from adding their own code without hindering the functionality of the script.

GitHub Page:


Released 6/8/2020

This script allows you to simply set a timer for commands to run on your machine, easy replacement for cron jobs.

GitHub Page:


Released 12/6/2019

This script automatically installs nginx, mysql, php, and phpmyadmin. 

This script is made to make website deployments quick and easy. 

Github Page:

Release 11/25/2018

This is a simple SSH management script for Linux.

 This script is not currently maintained and is one of the very first ones that I ever created. However still does provide some use for those managing multiple SSH logins. 

GitHub Page:

Our Developments.


Mas Verde is a fusion of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Psych. Starting out of Milwaukee, WI, Mas Verde is a music collective formed around the songs written by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Zach Spiegler.


Mile Hi Rafting offers fun professionally guided whitewater rafting trips on the exciting Clear Creek and the famous Arkansas rivers.


High Quality Drone Photography & Videography provides easy and free hosting services for Minecraft, Discord bots , Database/Storage, and more with 24/7 customer support.

Website Development, SEO, Security Optimization, Computer Diagnostics, Server Management, Shell Scripting, General IT Services.

Web-Development, SEO, Security Consulting, Server Managment & More.



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